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Top tips for first home buyers in Adelaide & South Australia

Top tips for first home buyers in Adelaide & South Australia

Buying a house in Adelaide is a huge decision and one that is filled with complexities and cost. Herein we explore some top tips to help you to get it right. 

Decide on an affordable budget and stick to it

Before you start looking for a home it is important that you decide on a budget and stick to it. Being realistic about what you can afford will make your life far more comfortable and will reduce the stress of the purchase.

Decide on negotiables and non-negotiables

You need to consider your lifestyle, values and needs when buying a home. Buying somewhere that makes living your lifestyle impossible is a mistake, even if it can save you $10,000 or more. You need to be serious about the things that you cannot do without and the things that you would be fine without. Access to the beach may be important, but the ability to get to work is probably more significant on your list.

Use experienced real estate agents

Real estate agents have far more experience and knowledge than you could ever have, so it is sensible to seek their help to find a house. The best part of real estate agents is that you don't have to pay them. The real estate agent is paid by the seller whether you use them or not, so make use of this free advice and knowledge to find the right property at the right price.

Consider the wider market

Once you have found a property that you like at a price that you like you should then look at the area more closely before making an offer. The value of your home in relation to those around you is very important as it will affect the growth of your property. If you are paying over the odds for an area then you are better looking elsewhere.

Use the professionals to close the deal

The final stage in becoming a homeowner is that of conveyancing services. Using an Adelaide conveyancing specialist is very important to ensure that the handover goes well and is properly arranged and completed. This service is integral to becoming the legal owner, so make sure you look to the professionals to get it right.

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