What is Conveyancing?

Here in South Australia, conveyancing is usually done by a registered conveyancer to ensure that all property settlements are performed correctly and legally. The two major phases of conveyancing are often complicated, involve many details, and are therefore best handled by licensed professionals who are used to performing property settlements of this type.

The first phase is where contracts are exchanged. In this stage of conveyancing, Adelaide based conveyancing specialists Hallett Cove Conveyancers will perform detailed research of the property you are considering; to make sure that everything is in order. This research may include thorough checking of the property’s title deed free of debts and charges, and bringing to light any restrictions that have been levied on the property. 

In the second phase of conveyancing of state wide properties we supervise the completion of the conveyance, which includes the transfer of the title from its previous owner to you. At this phase thorough research has been done to ascertain that the previous owner actually owns the property, is within their rights to transfer it. The preparation of strict legal documents will be involved, attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of local laws are crucial to the proper completion of this phase.

The fee for our services depend on many factors including whether land conveyancing, land division, property leasing or business settlements are involved.

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Why Us?

Hallett Cove Conveyancers are the Adelaide Conveyancing Specialists that specialise in business settlements, land division and property leasing as well as Land & House Conveyancing throughout South Australia.


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